Best Batting Tee Reviews and Buying Guide

When trying to decide on the best batting tee to buy, you may be wondering which one is suitable for you. For example, will you be using it indoors or outdoors? Does the material make a difference and does it need to be sturdy and durable? 

These important points will be covered, as well as various other things to consider when buying a batting tee. We will also review some of the best batting tees currently on the market, including the good and the bad aspects of each one. 

Best Batting Tee

If you’re in a hurry, then here is a quick summary for 9 of the best batting tees.

TeeDimensionsMaterialSpecial FeaturesWhere to buy
Tanner Tee - The OriginalAdjustable 26" to 43" Hand Rolled Rubber Top - Metal Stem

FlexTop ensures you feel the ball at contact instead of the tee
Jugs T - Pro StyleAdjustable 24" to 46"
25" x 13.5" x 3"
11.65 lbs
Thick steel base encased in rubberGrip-n-Go Handle - Always-feel-the-ball flexible top
Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee12.3" x 18.9" x 4.7"Heavyweight rubberCrisscross 5-Point design - Grip-n-Go handle
Atec T3 Professional25" x 6" x 3"
5 lbs
Rubber coneHelically wrapped composite cone - Quick release system - Quick turn of the T-screw
Easton Square It Up TeeAdjustable 23" to 44"
19" x 16" x 16"
5 lbs
Heavy-duty rubber base
Simple twist and lock design
MaxOver X4 Pro-StyleAdjustable 21.5" to 43"
11" x 21" x 11"
5.75 lbs
Rubber-skinned steel base - Rolled high-strength rubber ball holder - Stainless steel scopeEasy adjustment with smooth internal slides - Stainless-steel locking collar
Tanner HeavyAdjustable 26" to 43"
9" x 26" x 15"
13 lbs
Commercial grade rubber base - Rubber top - Solid steel frameThree contact points on the base for balance - Hand-rolled rubber FlexTop
Crown Sporting GoodsAdjustable 24" to 38"
17" x 8.5" x 12"
Heavy-duty rubberTip-resistant - Impact absorbing
Rukket Batting TeeAdjustable 27" to 48"Aluminum neck - Rubber feet - Rubber ball holderCollapsible tee - Folding legs

Purpose of a Batting Tee

A batting tee is basically a training aid that baseball and softball players use to practice their swing and to practice hitting different pitches. It is useful for when there is no pitcher to practice with. This especially comes in handy when you want to practice batting drills. Batting tees are height adjustable, so you can also practice hitting at different points.

Another purpose of a batting tee is that you can greatly improve your muscle memory by concentrating on correct swing mechanics. If the ball is in a consistent spot, this is will make it much easier to do.

And one of the most important things it can help with is to improve your accuracy and to gain plenty of power behind your swing.

Choosing a Batting Tee

When choosing a batting tee, the different aspects may be confusing or you could just be unsure what you should be looking for. There are a few things to consider, such as durability, maintenance and versatility. This guide will take you through each aspect.

Qualities To Look For

Durability is just one of the main things that you should look for when deciding which batting tee to buy. It goes without saying that you will want your batting tee to last for as long as possible. After all, the purpose of a batting tee is for players to practice their batting technique, so it will need to hold up after taking a beating. 

Maintenance is another key quality to look for. A batting tee that is low maintenance and easy to assemble will make things much easier. If you need to keep dismantling the batting tee, then reassembling it when you want to use it again, it may start to get tedious. So this may be something to bear in mind when shopping around.

A highly versatile batting tee is likely to serve you well, especially if both adults and children will be using it. Adjustable tees will allow you to practice hitting different pitches and to position yourself correctly. A batting tee that can be used both indoors and outdoors is also something to look for, as you don’t want bad weather conditions to stop you from practicing!

That being said, depending on where you are going to use it, you will need to consider the surface you will be playing on. You don’t want the tee to slip on a smooth surface, so stability is important.

As baseball bats can be quite expensive, you’ll want a tee that won’t cause any damage to your bat. A poor quality tee will end up with you having to buy a new bat and a new tee, which is definitely not desirable.

Lastly, a good quality batting tee is one that does not interfere with your swing or cause problems with the visibility of the baseball. If it does either of these things, then you are not getting the maximum potential out of it and it will be difficult for you to practice your hitting technique.

Top 9 Best Batting Tees

So, now you know what you should be looking for, let’s have a look at some of the best batting tees currently available. In no particular order, we will start with one of the most popular.

1, Tanner Tee – The Original

Tanner are known for their high quality tee’s and this one is no exception. The durability of this tee is just incredible and can take quite a beating. Not only is it extremely durable, but it is also very lightweight, weighing approximately 6 pounds. Moving the tee around should be a breeze.

The Tanner Tee is constructed of solid metal and features a hand-rolled rubber FlexTop, which provides instant feedback when hitting the ball. The FlexTop also allows you to feel the ball, rather than the tee at contact. This provides a realistic hitting experience when you are practicing.

The tee can be adjusted to different heights, which range from 26” to 43”. This will allow you to practice your swing at different heights. The Tanner Tee also comes with a one year warranty.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Instant feedback from the FlexTop
  • Hitting lower than the ball could cause the tee to tip over

2, Jugs T – Pro Style

The Jugs T Pro Style is another high quality, durable batting tee that is built to last. This can also take a lot of powerful hits and still last a very long time. The rubber encased weighted base means that it is very sturdy and will not tip over easily, so no extra weight is needed to keep it standing.

It is easy to adjust the height of the tee, which ranges from 24” to 46”. This easily allows you to work on your swing mechanics throughout the strike zone. The always-feel-the-ball flexible top ensures you feel the ball on contact, instead of the tee. Helping to bring you a realistic feel.

The Jugs T Pro Style is also very portable and easy to store when not in use. The tee unscrews into two pieces and can fit into a bag to be carried anywhere. The patented grip-no-go handle on the base adds extra portability and is easy to carry.

This tee also has a one year warranty.

  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to adjust
  • It is a little heavy (approximately 10lbs)

3, Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee

Another Jugs tee on the list is the 5-Point Tee. This tee has a solid rubber base and is extremely durable, meaning it can withstand heavy use by both adults and older children. Also, it will not tip over when it has been hit. 

The tee comes with 2 tubes, which are both fully adjustable, allowing you to practice hitting different strike zones. As well as being adjustable, there are also multiple slots for the tubes. This allows you to practice different tee positions, such as inside, outside and middle pitches.

Like the Jugs T – Pro Style, this tee also features the patented grip-no-go handle, so it can easily be carried around. Plus, it breaks down for easy transport.

A bonus with this tee is that it comes with a Tee Drill Book of over 20-pages, so there is plenty to practice with. There is also a barcode on the base of the tee which links to videos of how to use the tee and drills for the advanced player.

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Adjustable for different heights
  • Portable
  • The tubes are flexible, so may need to be replaced over time

4, ATEC T3 Professional

This tee has been designed with durability and portability in mind. Like the other tee’s on this list, it can take a lot of hits without any damage. It features a helically wrapped composite cone, which has been designed to minimize resistance during contact and provides optimal feedback on every swing.

The tee has a T-screw, which can be quickly and easily turned to separate the base from the stem. This makes it extremely portable and can be packed into a bag and carried without any problems. The lightweight design also adds extra portabability. The down side to this however, is that it can easily tip over if it has been hit. This is easily solved by using a weight to keep it upright.

The tee can easily be adjusted to different heights, allowing the batter to work on their swing mechanics throughout the strike zone.

  • Less resistance than other tees
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • The tee may fall over when hit
  • Not really suitable for younger players

5, Easton Square It Up Tee

Another high quality tee and also nice to look at with it’s yellow and black design. This tee allows for players of different heights, as it is adjustable from 23” to 44”. This also means that the batter can practice both high and low pitches.

The heavy-duty base is constructed of rubber and weighs 8lbs, so it is sure to stay standing if the batter hits it. The ball holder is also made of thick, but very flexible rubber and hand tightens onto the tee.

This tee has a sturdy construction and is designed to withstand daily heavy use. On this it delivers and will definitely last you a long time.

Assembling and disassembling the tee is very easy and features a twist and lock design, which connects the tee to the base with little effort. Disassembling the tee is just as easy and breaks down for easy transport. Portability should not be an issue with the Square It Up.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Strong construction
  • It’s a little heavy
  • May wobble a bit when set to maximum height

6, MaxOver X4 Pro-Style

The MaxOver X4 is an extremely durable tee and has been designed to withstand upto 90,000 swings. There’s no doubting that it delivers just that and is sure to last. The ball holder is constructed of rolled high strength rubber, providing great resistance. This ensures the batter feels the ball on contact and not the tee.

The base is rubberized steel, which reduces the chances of slippage. It is a little lighter than other pro style tees, but still hard to knock over.

The tee features smooth internal slides, making height adjustment very easy. The height ranges from 21.5” to 43”, so practicing high and low pitches won’t be a problem.

The tee comes apart into two pieces and features a stainless steel locking collar, so it is very easy to disassemble for easy transport.

  • Portable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable
  • Will not tip over
  • Can be a little pricey

7, Tanner Heavy

The main thing about the Tanner Heavy Tee is that it is extremely stable and durable. This tee will just not tip over! The heavyweight base weighs 10lbs and features 3 contact points, increasing stability and maximising balance. The Tanner Heavy is engineered to be used on multiple surfaces, yet still remain stable.

The tee is also adjustable, so the batter can practice high and low pitches without using additional tees.

Because of the weight of this tee, it is not the most portable. If you’re looking for a tee that you won’t need to transport around, then this is the perfect tee. Having said that, it’s not impossible to carry if you do need to transport it.

  • Extremely stable
  • Very durable
  • Easy to adjust
  • A little pricey
  • Heavier than other tees

8, Crown Sporting Goods

The Crown Sporting Goods is a durable and sturdy tee, that holds up well with heavy use. It is made from heavy-duty rubber, which is flexible and perfect for different seasons, including wind and rain. The base is also heavy, so there will be no falling over if the tee is hit.

The rubber construction also means it is impact absorbing, so it is easy on the batter’s hands and wrists if there is any contact with the tee.

The tee is easy to adjust by simply sliding the tee up or down. The height of the tee ranges from 24” to 38”, so plenty of high and low pitch practicing to be done. It is also quick and easy to assemble and takes just seconds.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble and to adjust
  • Works well for all ages
  • Strong smell because of the rubber

9, Rukket Batting Tee

The Rukket Batting Tee is a solid piece of equipment that is both stable and durable. The tee features heavy-duty stainless steel bearing, which ensures the center of gravity is kept low when hitting. This helps to keep the tee standing upright and to prevent it from falling over. The rubber coated stainless steel legs add extra stability and durability.

The tee is adjustable to any players height and the batter will be able to practice pitches all over the strike zone.

Built to be extremely portable, this tee uses a simple locking mechanism, which means it can be set up and broken down in seconds. The legs also bend up for easy and convenient storage. To make storage and portability even easier, this lightweight tee comes with a heavy duty carry bag.

An added bonus is that the tee comes with a lifetime warranty on replacement parts that may be needed.

  • Extremely portable
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Suitable for any age group
  • Lightweight
  • A little pricey

This list just goes to show that there are plenty of batting tees to choose from, each with their own good points and bad points. My personal favorite from this list has to be the Tanner Heavy, just because of the outstanding stability. For me, it definitely stands out above the rest.

I hope this article has helped you decide on the best batting tee for you and made the buying decision a little easier. Whichever you choose, it will be sure to last you a very long time.