4 Best Baseball Cleats and Buying Guide

If you are reading this, then you know just how exciting and thrilling playing baseball can be. How your heart beats fast as the ball leaves the pitcher’s hands and heads straight for the batter. The rush you feel when the ball goes flying in the air as the basemen and outfielders start running towards it. It doesn’t get any better than that. To get an even better experience, wearing the best baseball cleats will just improve that experience.

Just like all other sports, baseball has its own specific attire that makes the game unique. In baseball we have helmets, gloves, bats, shoes and other relevant sportswear.

Let’s Talk About Shoes

Like most sports, baseball shoes need to have adequate traction for the best performance. In baseball the quest for great traction has been taken to the next level. Rather than the traditional rubber soles with a few treads, baseball shoes have cleats. These are protrusions attached to the sole that serve to give more traction. This is why baseball shoes are popularly referred to as cleats.

Best Baseball Cleats

There are usually different types of cleats. They can be plastic, rubber and even metal. The arrangement also differs across different shoe manufacturers. Determining the perfect baseball cleats for you can be kind of hard, so we thought we would help you decide which cleats are right for you.

The table below shows a quick overview of the best baseball cleats we have reviewed here.

CleatsMaterialStyleWhere to Buy
Mizuno 9-SpikeRubberMid-Top
New Balance Men's PM4040V4 MidRubberMid-Top
Mizuno Dominant IC Mid MetalMetalMid-Top
New Balance Youth J4040V4RubberLow-Top

Choosing the Right Baseball Cleats


When it comes to safety, there are many issues surrounding metal cleats. They are actually banned from use in some states due to these issues. Younger players are not allowed to use metal cleats as stated by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA).

Metal spikes are usually thin and allow for more penetration into any surface giving better traction and stability. However, only professionals are advised to use them since for newbies they can cause injuries.

If you are a new player or are buying cleats for your kids, your options are limited to plastic or rubber.

Size and Performance

Something to take into account is the size of the cleats. Making sure they are the right fit for you is very important. Choosing cleats that are too big will cause a lot of trouble when making swift reactions in the game. Big shoes also feel heavier and this slows you down. You wouldn’t want to be slow during the game since opponents will run circles around you.

Small shoes will be uncomfortable and lead to less concentration. Baseball requires you to be quick and alert at all times. If you keep thinking about how much your feet are hurting, you won’t be at your best.

Once you get the right size, you should test how they feel when making certain movements. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the cleats before you buy them.

Ankle Support

For this category there are three options to choose from; high tops, mid tops and low tops. For high tops they extend upwards up to your ankle. They offer protection from injuries when making swift sideways movements.

Low tops on the other hand do not extend at all. Since the ankle is not restricted, the player can make quick lateral movements. Low tops allow for easier movement and therefore better reaction in the game but there is the impending danger of pushing your ankles over the limit.

Before buying cleats, you should consider whether you would rather sacrifice safety for performance or the other way around.

Unique features

Some baseball cleats have replaceable cleats. This type allows you to switch out cleats according to what you prefer. This could be convenient if you are moving around different states and playing in different surfaces.

You can switch to metal cleats for better stability and traction or back to plastic for agility. For a little more money, you could enjoy this flexibility.

Once you know what you want it is important to know the right fit for you. You wouldn’t want to buy perfect fitting shoes just to find out that they don’t bring out the best in you. Here’s how to avoid such a situation.

How to Size Baseball Cleats

You should first try them on to see how they feel around your feet. Try different sizes until you find one that is too tight for you. From there you can move up bit by bit and select the best fit.

The type of socks you wear should also be considered when buying cleats. Some socks are thick and when you try on your new cleats with normal socks, you will get the wrong impression. The shoes may be too tight and leave your feet hurting after each game.

If you cannot decide between two sizes, it is better to pick the smaller shoe, since you get a tighter grip. Extra space within your shoe will lead to a lot of lag in your movement.

Before you decide on what to buy, thoroughly test the cleats. Walk around in them to get the feel. Try out some quick movements to see how they hold up. Also try some lateral movements to see how they perform.

Once you are satisfied with all these you can now go home with your new cleats and crush your friends at baseball.

What is a Good Way to Clean Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats accumulate a lot of mud and dirt as you play. The more the dirt accumulates around the spikes, the less traction you get and this decreases your performance. Cleaning your cleats is therefore an important task.

When cleaning your baseball cleats, you should have a hard-sharp object. Not too sharp, it should be thin enough to get between the spikes and remove all the dirt and mud caught in between.

Sometimes the mud may be hard so if your object is not hard enough, you should apply some water to soften up the mud and make the process easier. You could get the loose particles to come off by hitting the soles against each other before starting.

The top part of your cleats also need cleaning. Once you know what material it is made of you can easily go about cleaning it. Using the appropriate cleaning agent, scrub the shoe till you can see your reflection.

Dirt accumulates really fast and your cleat may require cleaning after each game. Every once in a while, you should give the whole shoe a good scrubbing. Get inside the shoe and make sure you remove all the dirt. You will find yourself enjoying the game more if you have clean shoes.

If you are looking to buy some baseball cleats, here are a couple of options for you to choose from.

Top 4 of The Best Baseball Cleats

Mizuno 9-spike

This mid-top shoe is perfect for all baseball players. From beginners to professionals. With its 9 spikes it gives the player maximum traction across any surface.

It serves as both an indoor and outdoor shoe. The mid-top feature adds some padding around the ankle at the same time allowing you to make quick movements while on the field.

The outside is made of synthetic leather giving it that beautiful modern appearance. It is also really flexible maximizing ease of movement. They come in a variety of colors so you can choose what you like.

The cleats are strong and durable. They enhance your stability as you play and since they have rubber cleats, they are kid friendly.

New Balance Men’s PM4040V4 Mid

The New Balance PM4040v4 is another great baseball show. It has molded cleats with 14 spikes. These spikes are arranged such that they get the best traction. 11 spikes are at the front of the shoe leaving only three for the heel.

They do well in all surfaces and can be used by people of all ages as long as you get your shoe size. They come in different colors allowing you to match your team uniform. Toe overlay protects you from injuries and the one-piece mid-sole increase flexibility and performance of the shoe.

It is a mid-top, so it protects your ankles but does not hinder your movements. Provides excellent stability as you make those quick runs. It has synthetic leather for durability. The leather is perforated to increase breathability of the shoe.

Mizuno Dominant IC Mid Metal

Mizuno Dominant IC shoe also has 9 spikes. They are made of metal for better stability as you run and perfect traction for the quick stops. The metal spikes are more durable than molded cleats making them ideal for professional players in the various rough surfaces.

The mid-top feature makes it safe when making sudden lateral movements but it has a slight depression at the sides to offer some more freedom for the ankle. It is surrounded by synthetic leather for added durability.

From the middle of the shoe towards the back, it has beautifully designed meshed patches for breathability. It has a one-piece mid-sole for shock absorption and thick toe overlay to protect your feet. It is available in different color variations.

The in-sole provide sufficient grip to ensure no power loss due to sliding.

New Balance Youth J4040V4

They have molded cleats which are perfect for youngsters and beginners. They are low-tops giving you enough room to move around. You can make use of your quick ankle movements to outsmart your opponents.

Like all good baseball cleats, it has a one-piece mid-sole to disperse shock preventing damage to the shoe or you. Sufficient toe overlay also protects your toes from sudden shock. The shoe mostly features abrasion resistant material, so this enhances the durability of the shoe.

These shoes are designed to be used by younger players, and are currently available in sizes as small as 2. The different colors available are also an added advantage. The internal cushioning makes sure you get a tight fit around your feet for stability and agility.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. With this information you should now be able to decide which baseball cleats are best for you or your kids. You will no longer buy faulty or substandard cleats since you know what to look for. You also know how to maintain your cleats to make sure you get the most out of them. All that’s left is to get to the game and show off your baseball skills.