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Measuring for a baseball bat correctly is an important part of the buying process. It ensures you have a bat that you are comfortable with and enables you to swing the bat effectively. Of course, measuring is not the only aspect. There other things that play a part, such as the weight and rules and regulations for certain leagues. This article will show you how to measure for a baseball bat, as well as the other details to keep in mind.

Or if you are in a hurry, this infographic shows the methods you can use for measuring for a baseball bat.

How To Measure For A Baseball Bat

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How To Measure Yourself For a Bat

Measuring yourself for a baseball bat is easy to do. One thing you can do is simply swing the bat to check the length is comfortable for you. If you prefer to be more precise, then the following will help you measure yourself correctly.

1. The first method you can try is called the wingspan method. Basically, you will need to measure from the centre of your chest to the end of your index finger. For this, you must ensure your arm is fully extended to get an accurate measurement. This measurement will give you a suitable bat length.

2. A second method is to place the bat down next to you, with the end cap on the ground (the top of the bat). If you can reach the handle with your palm, then the length should be suitable.

3. Lastly, you can check the length by turning the knob of the bat into your chest, so that the bat is facing away from you. The length should be suitable for you if you can reach out and grab the barrel.

How To Measure A Child For a Bat

Measuring a child for a bat is just as easy and can be done using the child’s height and weight, as described below.

Using Height to Measure

1. Measure your child’s height while they are in their baseball cleats, as this is what they will be wearing when they are playing. If your child is between 3 ft and 3 ft 4”, the ideal bat length to start with is 26”.

If your child is 3 ft 5” or over, then you need to add an inch to the length of the bat for every 4” to 5” in height after they have reached 3 ft 5”.

2. Another way to determine if the bat is too long or too heavy is to stand your child next to the bat and place the end cap on the ground, with the handle against your child’s leg. The knob of the bat, should be level with their hip. If the bat goes past your child’s waist, then the bat is too long.

Using Weight to Measure

Using weight to measure your child for a baseball bat is also an option. However, this is a less effective way and measuring by height can be more accurate. An even more effective option is using a combination of both height and weight, which the chart below can help you with.

As a guideline, children who are under 60 lbs will get on well with a bat that is between 26” and 29”. This of course, depends on their height. If your child is between 70 lbs and and 90 lbs, then a suitable bat length would be between 28” and 32”.

How To Measure For A Baseball Bat

Bat Weight

The weight of the bat is another thing to check for to ensure that it is not too heavy. The weight of a bat is measured in it’s “drop”. Drop is the measure of how heavy a baseball bat is and is always a negative number. It is the length-to-weight ratio, which would be the length minus weight.

For instance, if the length of a bat is 30” long and weighs 20oz, the drop of the bat would be -10. The lower this number is, the heavier the bat will be. The higher the number is, the lighter the bat will be.

Baseball bats have different drops and depends on the material, length and shape of the bat. Adult wooden bats are usually -3 and youth bats are usually in the range of -5 to -7. Players who are stronger and bigger will usually use a heavier bat, whereas smaller players will use a bat that is lighter.

The best way to decide if a bat is the right weight for you is to swing different bats and see what kind of weight you are comfortable with. Another way is to hold the bat from the handle and extend your arm out to the side. If you can hold the bat there for 30 to 45 seconds, then the weight should be suitable for you. If you can’t hold the bat there, then it is probably too heavy for you.

Choosing an ideal weight can be made a little easier by using the following charts.

How To Measure For A Baseball Bat

How To Measure For A Baseball Bat

How To Measure For A Baseball Bat

Rules and Regulations

Now that you know how to measure for a baseball bat, there are some rules and regulations to follow when it comes to bat sizes and weights. Different leagues have different rules which are there for safety reasons and to level the playing field.

BBCOR – College and High School Bats

BBCOR was created by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), which certifies the performance of baseball bats. BBCOR stands for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution.

All high school and college baseball bats must be BBCOR certified. Instead of measuring just the exit speed of the ball, this standard has been updated to measure the trampoline effect. The standard means that non-wooden bats perform more like wooden bats, which improves player safety and provides a level playing field.

The length-to-weight ratio of college and high school bats must be -3 and the length should not be greater than 36”. Lastly, the diameter of the barrel should not be larger than 2 ⅝.

USSSA Baseball Bats

USSSA rules are mainly used for “travel ball” or tournaments. USSSA bats must either have the 1.15 BPF stamp on the taper, or have a BBCOR certified stamp. If not these things, then the bat must be wooden. Also, the diameter of the barrel must not be greater than 2 ¾”. All USSSA bats must also be manufactured by an approved manufacturer.

USA Baseball – Little League

The USA Baseball Bat standard applies to Little League Baseball, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Boys, Dixie Youth, AABC and PONY Baseball. For children under the age of 14, the approved barrel diameter is up to 2 ⅝”. The USA Baseball Mark will also need to be stamped onto player’s bats. These new bats are designed to perform like BBCOR and wooden bats, which will ensure the long term integrity of the game.

Now that we have covered how to measure for a baseball bat and gone over the rules and regulations, we hope you are feeling more confident when deciding which size baseball bat to get. Remember to keep in mind that comfort is the main thing to aim for. If you are uncomfortable holding the bat, then it will interfere with your swing. Comfort is key!

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Best Batting Tee Reviews and Buying Guide Thu, 14 Nov 2019 18:13:27 +0000 When trying to decide on the best batting tee to buy, you may be wondering which one is suitable for you. For example, will you be using it indoors or outdoors? Does the material make a difference and does it need to be sturdy and durable?  These important points will be covered, as well as […]

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When trying to decide on the best batting tee to buy, you may be wondering which one is suitable for you. For example, will you be using it indoors or outdoors? Does the material make a difference and does it need to be sturdy and durable? 

These important points will be covered, as well as various other things to consider when buying a batting tee. We will also review some of the best batting tees currently on the market, including the good and the bad aspects of each one. 

Best Batting Tee

If you’re in a hurry, then here is a quick summary for 9 of the best batting tees.

ImageTeeDimensionsMaterialSpecial FeaturesWhere to buy
Tanner Tee - The OriginalAdjustable 26" to 43" Hand Rolled Rubber Top - Metal Stem

FlexTop ensures you feel the ball at contact instead of the tee
Jugs T - Pro StyleAdjustable 24" to 46"
25" x 13.5" x 3"
11.65 lbs
Thick steel base encased in rubberGrip-n-Go Handle - Always-feel-the-ball flexible top
Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee12.3" x 18.9" x 4.7"Heavyweight rubberCrisscross 5-Point design - Grip-n-Go handle
Atec T3 Professional25" x 6" x 3"
5 lbs
Rubber coneHelically wrapped composite cone - Quick release system - Quick turn of the T-screw
Easton Square It Up TeeAdjustable 23" to 44"
19" x 16" x 16"
5 lbs
Heavy-duty rubber base
Simple twist and lock design
MaxOver X4 Pro-StyleAdjustable 21.5" to 43"
11" x 21" x 11"
5.75 lbs
Rubber-skinned steel base - Rolled high-strength rubber ball holder - Stainless steel scopeEasy adjustment with smooth internal slides - Stainless-steel locking collar
Tanner HeavyAdjustable 26" to 43"
9" x 26" x 15"
13 lbs
Commercial grade rubber base - Rubber top - Solid steel frameThree contact points on the base for balance - Hand-rolled rubber FlexTop
Crown Sporting GoodsAdjustable 24" to 38"
17" x 8.5" x 12"
Heavy-duty rubberTip-resistant - Impact absorbing
Rukket Batting TeeAdjustable 27" to 48"Aluminum neck - Rubber feet - Rubber ball holderCollapsible tee - Folding legs

Purpose of a Batting Tee

A batting tee is basically a training aid that baseball and softball players use to practice their swing and to practice hitting different pitches. It is useful for when there is no pitcher to practice with. This especially comes in handy when you want to practice batting drills. Batting tees are height adjustable, so you can also practice hitting at different points.

Another purpose of a batting tee is that you can greatly improve your muscle memory by concentrating on correct swing mechanics. If the ball is in a consistent spot, this is made much easier to do.

And one of the most important things it can help with is to improve your accuracy and to gain plenty of power behind your swing.

Choosing a Batting Tee

When choosing a batting tee, the different aspects may be confusing or you could just be unsure what you should be looking for. There are a few things to consider, such as durability, maintenance and versatility. This guide will take you through each aspect.

Qualities To Look For

Durability is just one of the main things that you should look for when deciding which batting tee to buy. It goes without saying that you will want your batting tee to last for as long as possible. After all, the purpose of a batting tee is for players to practice their batting technique, so it will need to hold up after taking a beating. 

Maintenance is another key quality to look for. A batting tee that is low maintenance and easy to assemble will make things much easier. If you need to keep dismantling the batting tee, then reassembling it when you want to use it again, it may start to get tedious. So this may be something to bear in mind when shopping around.

A highly versatile batting tee is likely to serve you well, especially if both adults and children will be using it. Adjustable tees will allow you to practice hitting different pitches and to position yourself correctly. A batting tee that can be used both indoors and outdoors is also something to look for, as you don’t want bad weather conditions to stop you from practicing!

That being said, depending on where you will be using it, you will need to consider the surface that it will be used on. You don’t want the tee to slip on a smooth surface, so stability is important.

As baseball bats can be quite expensive, you’ll want a tee that won’t cause any damage to your bat. A poor quality tee will end up with you having to buy a new bat and a new tee, which is definitely not desirable.

Lastly, a good quality batting tee is one that does not interfere with your swing or cause problems with the visibility of the baseball. If it does either of these things, then you are not getting the maximum potential out of it and it will be difficult for you to practice your hitting technique.

Top 9 Best Batting Tees

So, now you know what you should be looking for, let’s have a look at some of the best batting tees currently available. In no particular order, we will start with one of the most popular.

1, Tanner Tee – The Original

Best Batting TeeTanner are known for their high quality tee’s and this one is no exception. The durability of this tee is just incredible and can take quite a beating. Not only is it extremely durable, but it is also very lightweight, weighing approximately 6 pounds. Moving the tee around should be a breeze.

The Tanner Tee is constructed of solid metal and features a hand-rolled rubber FlexTop, which provides instant feedback when hitting the ball. The FlexTop also allows you to feel the ball, rather than the tee at contact. This provides a realistic hitting experience when you are practicing.

The tee can be adjusted to different heights, which range from 26” to 43”. This will allow you to practice your swing at different heights. The Tanner Tee also comes with a one year warranty.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Instant feedback from the FlexTop
  • Hitting lower than the ball could cause the tee to tip over

2, Jugs T – Pro Style

Best Batting TeeThe Jugs T Pro Style is another high quality, durable batting tee that is built to last. This can also take a lot of powerful hits and still last a very long time. The rubber encased weighted base means that it is very sturdy and will not tip over easily, so no extra weight is needed to keep it standing.

It is easy to adjust the height of the tee, which ranges from 24” to 46”. This easily allows you to work on your swing mechanics throughout the strike zone. The always-feel-the-ball flexible top ensures you feel the ball on contact, instead of the tee. Helping to bring you a realistic feel.

The Jugs T Pro Style is also very portable and easy to store when not in use. The tee unscrews into two pieces and can fit into a bag to be carried anywhere. The patented grip-no-go handle on the base adds extra portability and is easy to carry.

This tee also has a one year warranty.

  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to adjust
  • It is a little heavy (approximately 10lbs)

3, Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee

Best Batting TeeAnother Jugs tee on the list is the 5-Point Tee. This tee has a solid rubber base and is extremely durable, meaning it can withstand heavy use by both adults and older children. Also, it will not tip over when it has been hit. 

The tee comes with 2 tubes, which are both fully adjustable, allowing you to practice hitting different strike zones. As well as being adjustable, there are also multiple slots for the tubes. This allows you to practice different tee positions, such as inside, outside and middle pitches.

Like the Jugs T – Pro Style, this tee also features the patented grip-no-go handle, so it can easily be carried around. Plus, it breaks down for easy transport.

A bonus with this tee is that it comes with a Tee Drill Book of over 20-pages, so there is plenty to practice with. There is also a barcode on the base of the tee which links to videos of how to use the tee and drills for the advanced player.

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Adjustable for different heights
  • Portable
  • The tubes are flexible, so may need to be replaced over time

4, ATEC T3 Professional

Best Batting TeeThis tee has been designed with durability and portability in mind. Like the other tee’s on this list, it can take a lot of hits without any damage. It features a helically wrapped composite cone, which has been designed to minimize resistance during contact and provides optimal feedback on every swing.

The tee has a T-screw, which can be quickly and easily turned to separate the base from the stem. This makes it extremely portable and can be packed into a bag and carried without any problems. The lightweight design also adds extra portabability. The down side to this however, is that it can easily tip over if it has been hit. This is easily solved by using a weight to keep it upright.

The tee can easily be adjusted to different heights, allowing the batter to work on their swing mechanics throughout the strike zone.

  • Less resistance than other tees
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • The tee may fall over when hit
  • Not really suitable for younger players

5, Easton Square It Up Tee

Best Batting TeeAnother high quality tee and also nice to look at with it’s yellow and black design. This tee allows for players of different heights, as it is adjustable from 23” to 44”. This also means that the batter can practice both high and low pitches.

The heavy-duty base is constructed of rubber and weighs 8lbs, so it is sure to stay standing if the batter hits it. The ball holder is also made of thick, but very flexible rubber and hand tightens onto the tee.

This tee has a sturdy construction and is designed to withstand daily heavy use. On this it delivers and will definitely last you a long time.

Assembling and disassembling the tee is very easy and features a twist and lock design, which connects the tee to the base with little effort. Disassembling the tee is just as easy and breaks down for easy transport. Portability should not be an issue with the Square It Up.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Strong construction
  • It’s a little heavy
  • May wobble a bit when set to maximum height

6, MaxOver X4 Pro-Style

Best Batting TeeThe MaxOver X4 is an extremely durable tee and has been designed to withstand upto 90,000 swings. There’s no doubting that it delivers just that and is sure to last. The ball holder is constructed of rolled high strength rubber, providing great resistance. This ensures the batter feels the ball on contact and not the tee.

The base is rubberized steel, which reduces the chances of slippage. It is a little lighter than other pro style tees, but still hard to knock over.

The tee features smooth internal slides, making height adjustment very easy. The height ranges from 21.5” to 43”, so practicing high and low pitches won’t be a problem.

The tee comes apart into two pieces and features a stainless steel locking collar, so it is very easy to disassemble for easy transport.

  • Portable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable
  • Will not tip over
  • Can be a little pricey

7, Tanner Heavy

Best Batting TeeThe main thing about the Tanner Heavy Tee is that it is extremely stable and durable. This tee will just not tip over! The heavyweight base weighs 10lbs and features 3 contact points, increasing stability and maximising balance. The Tanner Heavy is engineered to be used on multiple surfaces, yet still remain stable.

The tee is also adjustable, so the batter can practice high and low pitches without using additional tees.

Because of the weight of this tee, it is not the most portable. If you’re looking for a tee that you won’t need to transport around, then this is the perfect tee. Having said that, it’s not impossible to carry if you do need to transport it.

  • Extremely stable
  • Very durable
  • Easy to adjust
  • A little pricey
  • Heavier than other tees

8, Crown Sporting Goods

Best Batting TeeThe Crown Sporting Goods is a durable and sturdy tee, that holds up well with heavy use. It is made from heavy-duty rubber, which is flexible and perfect for different seasons, including wind and rain. The base is also heavy, so there will be no falling over if the tee is hit.

The rubber construction also means it is impact absorbing, so it is easy on the batter’s hands and wrists if there is any contact with the tee.

The tee is easy to adjust by simply sliding the tee up or down. The height of the tee ranges from 24” to 38”, so plenty of high and low pitch practicing to be done. It is also quick and easy to assemble and takes just seconds.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble and to adjust
  • Works well for all ages
  • Strong smell because of the rubber

9, Rukket Batting Tee

Best Batting TeeThe Rukket Batting Tee is a solid piece of equipment that is both stable and durable. The tee features heavy-duty stainless steel bearing, which ensures the center of gravity is kept low when hitting. This helps to keep the tee standing upright and to prevent it from falling over. The rubber coated stainless steel legs add extra stability and durability.

The tee is adjustable to any players height and the batter will be able to practice pitches all over the strike zone.

Built to be extremely portable, this tee uses a simple locking mechanism, which means it can be set up and broken down in seconds. The legs also bend up for easy and convenient storage. To make storage and portability even easier, this lightweight tee comes with a heavy duty carry bag.

An added bonus is that the tee comes with a lifetime warranty on replacement parts that may be needed.

  • Extremely portable
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Suitable for any age group
  • Lightweight
  • A little pricey

This list just goes to show that there are plenty of batting tees to choose from, each with their own good points and bad points. My personal favourite from this list has to be the Tanner Heavy, just because of the outstanding stability. For me, it definitely stands out above the rest.

I hope this article has helped you decide on the best batting tee for you and made the buying decision a little easier. Whichever you choose, it will be sure to last you a very long time.

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Proper Batting Stance – Are You Doing It Right? Sun, 27 Oct 2019 16:59:12 +0000 So, you’re questioning whether you have the correct batting stance, or if there even is a right way of doing it. After all, every batter has their own style that is comfortable for them. But, there are some basic fundamentals to a proper batting stance, that will not only improve your batting skills, but will […]

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So, you’re questioning whether you have the correct batting stance, or if there even is a right way of doing it. After all, every batter has their own style that is comfortable for them. But, there are some basic fundamentals to a proper batting stance, that will not only improve your batting skills, but will also help you to deliver a powerful hit and improve your confidence as you play.

Proper Batting Stance

How Important Is Your Batting Stance?

While your batting stance is important when it comes to batting effectively, the most important aspects of your stance are comfort, balance and vision. Before a hitter goes into the “heel down” position, their style is unlikely to have a negative impact on their hitting success. And as noted earlier, most hitters have their own style that is unique to them.

As long as you have all the basics down when your front heel hits the ground, you’re chances of successfully hitting the ball are greatly increased.

So, to answer the question, a proper batting stance is important, but in the pre-swing stance, you can use your own creativity to get yourself ready for successfully hitting that home run!

Three Batting Stances

There are many different approaches to a proper batting stance, but here we will discuss three of the most popular ones… Square, closed and open. All of which will have their advantages and disadvantages.

Square Batting Stance

Proper Batting Stance

This stance is one of the most popular and very good for beginners. It is also one of the most balanced. In the square stance, your feet should be in line with the pitcher and also parallel with the edge of the batter’s box. The batter should then go straight towards the pitcher in a square stance. In this position, you should be able to see the pitcher easily with both eyes and you will also be in the best position to hit the baseball.

Open Batting Stance

Proper Batting Stance

For this stance, the back foot is closer to the home plate than the front foot, which opens the batter to the pitcher. To hit the ball in this stance, the batter must get back to square, so your front foot should step toward home plate, eliminating the habit of stepping away from the plate.

Using the open stance turns the batter towards the pitcher, allowing both eyes to clearly track the ball. It also helps to achieve optimum plate coverage.

Closed Batting Stance

Proper Batting Stance

In the closed batting stance, the front foot is closer to the plate than the back foot, closing the batter to the pitcher. As this stance causes the batter’s back to be turned a little, it makes seeing the pitcher very difficult. Inside pitches are also challenging due to the distance to the square contact position. But an advantage is that this stance is great for getting to pitches away.

This is a more advanced stance and not ideal for beginners to start out with.

So now we’ve covered the three batting stances, we’ll have a closer look at the smaller details, such as whether you should have your elbow up or down and how far apart your feet should be.

The Smaller Details Of A Proper Batting Stance

As well as the three stances mentioned above, there are some smaller details when it comes to the proper batting stance. This is what we will go over now. 

Should I Have My Elbow Up or Down?

For a lot of baseball players, the debate of whether the elbow should be up or down varies greatly. The truth is, it all comes down to preference and what the batter finds comfortable. Younger players tend to be taught elbow down, as it is easier for them to learn. If a batter can keep their knuckles aligned as they move their elbow up, they are more likely to deliver a successful and powerful hit.

But even if the batter has their elbow down, they will still be able to deliver a successful hit. The players you see with their elbow up are mostly Major League players, so have had a lot of practice. Chances are, they started out with elbows down and progressed as they got better.

So there’s no definite rule of whether the elbow should be up or down. Practice both and see which one works best for you.

Distance Between Feet

The distance between the feet is what will help generate power from the lower body and also keep the stride level and even. If a batter’s feet are too far apart, the movement in their legs will be restricted, which then reduces the amount of power they can generate from their lower body.

That being said, the batter’s feet being too close together can also cause problems. The batter may have difficulty distributing their weight and may over stride into a pitch, causing the lower and upper halves of a batter’s swing to disconnect.

For the best balanced position, a batter’s feet should be shoulder width apart or a little wider than shoulder width apart. If you are having some trouble with your swing, you may need to adjust the distance between your feet a little.

So, that covers the basics to the proper batting stance and if it has an affect on how well and how powerful you hit the ball. The most important thing to remember is that your stance should be comfortable, balanced and enables you to easily see the pitcher. Get all of these aspects and you’re well on your way.

Practice each of these stances and your swing as much as possible and you’ll soon have your own style down that will help you play at your best.


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5 Softball Pitching Drills for Accuracy Thu, 28 Mar 2019 19:38:36 +0000 Softball pitching drills are an essential part of training for anyone who wants to be a great player. Of course, every pitcher will also need to be able to throw with accuracy and speed. It takes time to be a great pitcher, but practicing regularly, will turn you into a pro in no time at […]

The post 5 Softball Pitching Drills for Accuracy appeared first on Baseball Chimp.

Softball pitching drills are an essential part of training for anyone who wants to be a great player. Of course, every pitcher will also need to be able to throw with accuracy and speed. It takes time to be a great pitcher, but practicing regularly, will turn you into a pro in no time at all.

Softball Pitching Drills

Developing the ability to visualise the perfect strike zone takes work, but to help you get the most out of your practice sessions, we have put together a list of some softball pitching drills that will improve your accuracy and skyrocket your skills as a pitcher.

If you are a beginner, there are some basic mechanics you should be aware of before practising any softball pitching drills. For example, to avoid injury, the correct stance and motion are all important when throwing a pitch.

Basic Softball Pitching Mechanics

The best way to avoid injury when pitching is to train with a coach or mentor. They are trained to teach softball pitching mechanics the correct way and to make safety a habit. The basic steps must remain intact to prevent any injuries and get the best performance out of every pitch.

Getting a Good Grip

Most pitchers hold the ball with the U seam facing to the side. When the ball is released, it allows it to spin from top to bottom. The proper way to hold and control the ball is by keeping a firm grip and not straining the wrist or forearm.

The Full Pitch

It is required the pitcher briefly touches the ball to the glove before the pitch. This creates a rhythm and forceful pitches. In softball pitching mechanics, it is proven to conserve the pitcher’s energy before the wind-up.

As the pitch begins, the arm starts with the backswing. The arm should then go into rotation, causing the body and the arm to move forward. It is important to keep the arm straight and never lock the elbow during the rotation. Doing so will cause severe damage. The downswing will finish the rotation right before the ball is released. A pitcher’s wrist should stay back and straight in the downswing causing a snapping effect when the ball is released.

Releasing the ball is the final step. The palm of the hand should always face upward upon releasing the ball. About the time the hand reaches the side is when the ball should be released.

Following Through with the Pitch

The last thoughts should always be to keep the arm in motion until the pitch is over. Proper leg and footwork throughout the pitch is also important for balance. Pitchers need to keep their head, body, and pitching arm straight to avoid injury and remembering consistency is the key and practice continues to enhance the performance.

Now we have gone over the basic mechanics for correctly pitching in softball, the following drills will help you put all of it together to make sure you throw the perfect pitch.

The Dummy Batter

This drill is a full motion pitching drill, which can improve a pitcher’s accuracy, aim and consistency. The Dummy Batter is made up of a wooden or cardboard cutout of a batter, standing in their first stance at the plate.

In front of the dummy is a line, which the pitcher can see as a “bullseye”, helping to visualise the perfect strike zone and also help increase the number of strikes thrown.

This drill is a great way to practice when it comes to safety concerns, especially when the pitcher is just starting out and learning a new pitch. This also gives them the opportunity to practice safely.

20-4 Drill

The 20-4 drill, also called the 10-3 drill for younger players, is very effective when it is combined with The Dummy Batter. It will not only improve your accuracy, but it will also improve your ball control too.

To begin this drill, the pitcher starts at a normal pitching distance or closer, depending on their skill and experience. The aim is for the pitcher to pitch 20 strikes before pitching 4 balls.

If the pitcher has reached the 4 balls before the 20th strike, they must start the drill again from the beginning. This drill is especially useful for learning new pitches.

When doing this drill, the pitcher should focus on accuracy, aim and technique, rather than endurance or speed. Pitches should also be released at about 60% of the pitchers normal pitching speed, as this is a very repetitive drill, with less downtime between pitches and also requires pitchers to pitch faster than usual.

Because of the repetitiveness of this drill, watching the pitcher for signs of fatigue is very important.


The aim of this drill is for players to throw the ball into a bullseye, which gradually decreases in size.

To begin, the coach tapes off a bullseye, in the shape of a square. The bullseye is either taped into a throwing or batting cage or a padded wall. Inside these squares are smaller squares, with the total amounting to five.

The player must then throw three to five balls consecutively into the bullseye, before the outside square is removed by the coach, creating an even smaller bullseye.

Depending on the age and playing ability of the player, the size of the bullseye could vary. However, the size of the bullseye should be challenging enough to improve their accuracy.

The number of balls that are thrown could also vary, depending on the players age and ability. This is something that the coach decides on and feels is appropriate.

Kneeling Partner Pitches

This simple, but fun drill requires two players. To begin, both players kneel on the ground, both wearing gloves and using just one ball. The coach decides how much distance to put between each player, with the distance being extended throughout the drill to make it more challenging.

The players pitch back and forth. If the catcher does not have to extend their arms out to their sides to catch the ball, then it is deemed as a good pitch.

The pitcher gets one point if the catcher has to extend their arms. The pitcher gets two points if the catcher has to lift a knee to reach for the pitch. Finally, the pitcher will get three points if the catcher falls while they are trying to get the pitch.

To stay in the game, the pitchers must stay under five points. The number of pitches the pitcher completes before reaching five points, is counted by the catcher. The catcher and the pitcher then switch, so the catcher becomes the pitcher and the pitcher becomes the catcher.

Hit the Bucket

This drill will not only improve accuracy, but it will also improve footwork in the infield.

The team is divided into two groups, with one half positioned at short stop and the other half positioned at second base.

A starting point is then marked off, which the players must stay behind until a ground ball is hit to them by the coach at home plate. Each of the groups players take turns fielding ground balls and throwing to home plate, where there are two stacked buckets.

One point is awarded when a player hits the top bucket on a bounce. Two points are awarded when a player hits the bucket without a bounce. The group that reaches 10 points first is the winner.

Hopefully these softball pitching drills will help you become an amazing and accurate pitcher, that throws the perfect pitch every time. Putting in the work will definitely pay off and you’ll impress your coach and your team in no time. If you enjoyed this article and would like some more drills, check out the batting drills article here.

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Softball Hitting Drills For Beginners Tue, 19 Feb 2019 20:58:20 +0000 Coaching a beginner to play softball isn’t an easy task. The most useful quality for a softball coach who is working with beginners, is to hone patience. Of course, patience isn’t easy and doesn’t come naturally to many people. However, with perseverance and a patient approach the children you are coaching can quickly become proficient […]

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Softball Hitting DrillsCoaching a beginner to play softball isn’t an easy task. The most useful quality for a softball coach who is working with beginners, is to hone patience. Of course, patience isn’t easy and doesn’t come naturally to many people. However, with perseverance and a patient approach the children you are coaching can quickly become proficient at softball. Children learn at their own pace, but they all benefit from a softball coach who encourages them and praises them when they do well. Firstly, beginner players should learn basic techniques before incorporating softball hitting drills into their practise sessions to develop their skills further.

A softball coach should ensure that the beginner player has the correct bat. The child should find it easy to lift the bat to chest level. If this is too difficult, the bat is too heavy and they need a lighter one. Children who play softball should be fitted for, and wear a batting helmet for safety. A batting tee should be used to begin with. It should be set level with the child’s waist until the child is confident swinging the bat level.

When the batting tee has been mastered, the softball coach can work with the child on hitting a moving ball. Here the child (or hitter) needs to focus on the ball and be aware of when to swing. The coach should kneel about 5 feet away from the hitter and throw easy, slow pitches. Gradually, as swing improves, the coach should increase their distance between themselves and the hitter to 25 feet.

Pitches should remain slow and flat, with the ball coming towards the hitter straight. Eventually, the coach should increase the distance between the hitter and themselves to 45 feet. The ball can now be pitched in a low arc, and the pitch speed can increase as the child’s batting improves.

In order to continue to support the child as they develop their softball skills, the softball coach should include a good variety of softball hitting drills in their practice sessions.

6 Softball Hitting Drills

The following softball hitting drills should give you a starting point which can be developed and adapted to suit the individual’s style and technique.

Interlocking Throws

Developing strong bat pitch will increase the power of your swing considerably. Every good softball coach will tell you that practising interlocking throws will help you to increase the strength in your bat pitch and should be an integral part of your batting drills. When the swing is too long, it is not possible to keep pace with fastballs. When the swing gets too short, your are in danger of a dead pull. This drill will build muscle memory and help you consistently create a direct path to the ball and beyond to the zone.

Ensure that your hands are in the correct position for launch.

Swing the bat, releasing the ball in an upward angle.

You should release the ball just at the point of contact.

This drill is the key to ensuring the ball is launched with power.

It ensures that there is good contact as a result of carefully planning the bat path.

The top hand is used effectively to drive the ball.

It develops extension and refines the finishing of the swing.

Half-Bat Soft Toss Drill

In order to carry out this batting drill, you will need a half-bat. This is just a bat that has had the barrel removed. The reason for this smaller bat is that this drills focus on using just one hand.

The hitter should begin, using only his bottom hand to swing through.

As the bottom hand gets to the contact position it should be palm down.

This exercise focuses on achieving the palm down on contact position and the place during swing that this is achieved.

A successful softball coach will encourage the hitter to focus on their rhythm, timing and swing sequence.

Half Turns Drill

Many softball drills focus on releasing the lower half and developing more powerful hitting. The half turns drill is about mastering the correct sequence of movements to ensure success at point of contact. It is important maintain strong position in which your hips and legs will powerfully drive the ball.

For this drill, the coach supports the hitter to pin the barrel of the bat against the back leg, and the handle of the bat against the back shoulder. This drill focuses on keeping the front shoulder closed.

In the half turn drill, the back foot moves up whilst the front leg acts like a bollard that you drive your weight into.

The hips remain at a ninety degree angle to the pitcher.

Tipping Your Bat

In order to become a great player, it is essential to focus on increasing your bat speed. To ensure that you set up the optimum conditions in your batting drills to increase bat speed, you should work on tipping your bat forward.

Tip the barrel tip forward, then turn it backwards and into the baseball. The barrel turn is the most efficient way to get the barrel to move fast.

A good coach will encourage some of each practise section to perfecting this technique.

Remember, that to increase bat speed it is the barrel, rather than the body that needs to build speed.

Tipping the bat needs forearm strength, but because of the momentum which is gathered from tipping the bat, less strength overall is actually required.

Bat and Stop Drills

This is another drill focussing on speed.

Firstly swing through to the back of your swing fast, focus on making the best point of contact with the ball that you can and be aware of getting to the finishing point of your swing.

For the next few swings, keep swinging fast, but try stopping the bat as soon as you contact the ball.

Finally, go back to your regular swing and swing like that a few times. A coach would advise you to pay particular attention that you are not slowing your swing down to make it easier to stop.

Parachute Drill

This is one of the most enjoyable batting drills. It increases bat speed and encourages full swing from the hitter and following through without a slow down at the point of contact. For this drill it is beneficial for hitters to practice in a group.

A parachute should be placed over the bat.

The hitter the takes their place and swings the bat.

It is important to keep going when the parachute provides resistance. Hitters often stop at contact, but this drill encourages the hitter to continue past resistance.

At follow-through, the hitter’s back foot should point towards the pitcher

Their hips should be in line with pitcher and their hands should be at shoulder level.

An efficient coach will make sure the hitter is finishing their swing as fast as possible.

Throughout a softball players career, they should include a good variety of softball hitting drills in their practise sessions. Hopefully these techniques have given you a starting point and will encourage you to keep practicing to become a better softball player.

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5 Of The Best Slowpitch Softball Bats Sat, 09 Feb 2019 21:20:14 +0000 There’s nothing better than the sounds of a lively softball game on a summer’s afternoon, and many of us spend the year waiting for this season to begin. With the promise of sun, friends, laughter and competition, slowpitch softball has become one of the biggest and best sports to play for people of any age. […]

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There’s nothing better than the sounds of a lively softball game on a summer’s afternoon, and many of us spend the year waiting for this season to begin. With the promise of sun, friends, laughter and competition, slowpitch softball has become one of the biggest and best sports to play for people of any age. Buying the best slowpitch softball bats can make the game that much better.

Thanks to the varying levels of competitiveness, this sport is accessible to anyone, regardless of whether you’re a rookie or a pro. 

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

In order to take yourself to the next level in your game, you need to have a kit that allows you to play to your strengths. One item that requires care in selecting is your softball bat. There are a lot of variables in choosing the right bat for you so that you can play to the best of your ability, so it’s often more than just picking up any old bat and taking a swing. Here, we take you through a list of the best slowpitch softball bats.

Check out the table below for a quick look at the bats we have reviewed in this article.

ImageBatBuildWhere to Buy
Easton 2018 Ronin FlexTwo-Piece, End-loaded, Composite
Miken 2018 20th Anniversary FreakTwo-Piece, Balanced, Composite
Louisville Slugger Super Z1000Two-Piece, Mid-Load, Composite
Worth 2018 EST Hybrid XLTwo-Piece, Balanced, Composite
DeMarini 2018 Twisted MistressTwo-Piece, End-Loaded, Composite

How to Choose a Slowpitch Softball Bat

There are many factors to consider in choosing a softball bat, and here, we will guide you through each of them.

Balanced vs. end-loaded

The weight distribution of a softball bat can make a huge difference in your batting performance. A balanced bat has an even weight distribution that can allow you to generate a quicker swinging speed, whereas an end-loaded bat is weighted towards the top end which allows you to create more momentum as you swing. While end-loaded bats are more difficult to control for new players, you may find that this style is the way to go if you’re a strong hitter that wants room to improve.

One-piece vs. two-piece

Bats have come a long way since the simple one-piece designs of the days of old, and now you’ll find that many bats are designed in either a one-piece or two-piece way. One-piece bats are made as a single piece from end to end, whereas a two-piece feature a separate handle and barrel that are joined together. If you have a strong batting speed then a one-piece is the best option for you, however these bats provide a stiff feel which some may not like. If you’re looking for performance, though, the increased flex on contact make a two-piece design the best option for you.

Size and weight

Not every softball bat is created equally, and you’ll actually find that you need to match the length and weight of your bat to your personal physical body size. While nothing compares to how a bat feels when you swing it, you can also take some measurements of your body in order to determine the size and weight of bat that is right for you. Your bat length will depend on your arm length as well as your weight and height. Getting these numbers right is the only way to be sure that your swing is optimized and efficient.

Aluminum vs. composite

While you may think that composite bats outperform aluminum alloy bats, you’d be surprised to find out that this is not always the case. In fact, making the choice between the two materials actually comes down to personal preference. Composite bats provide a bigger sweet spot, which means you have a bigger area in which to make contact with the ball, and the vibration you feel through the handle is reduced. Aluminum bats, on the other hand, allow for a more balanced swing which can help you increase your swinging speed for bigger hits.


Depending on the league you’re playing in, you will want to be sure that your new bat is approved for play. The different certifications allow you to use the bat in ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISA leagues, and each league has different requirements in terms of how strict they are. The strictest of them all is ASA, so if you are playing in an ASA league, be sure to look for an ASA approved slowpitch softball bat.

Breaking in a Softball Bat

When bats are manufactured, it takes some time for the materials to perform the way they are supposed to. Because of this, your new bat may require some time to break in, particularly if it is made from a composite material. The only real way to break in a bat is to start hitting with it, and it may take up to one hundred hits before your bat is truly broken in, though this number is different for each bat.

In order to speed up the amount of time it takes to break in your bat, you can do one of the following things:

1. Hit the ball from a tee: each time you hit the ball, be sure to rotate the bat a little so that you create an evenness to the way the bat is used. This will help to speed up the breaking in process.

2. Soft toss against a fence: it’s important to swing and hit the ball as you would during a game in order to break the bat in correctly. You can do this by taking some swings of soft toss against a fence being sure to rotate the bat before each swing.

3. Live pitching: the fastest way to break in a bat is to work with a live pitcher, as you would in a real game. By taking at least forty or fifty pitches this way, rotating in between, your bat will be game ready when you need it.

5 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats Reviewed

1. Easton 2018 Ronin Flex 2-Piece Dual Stamp Slowpitch Softball Bat

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

Easton are easily one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to softball gear, and the Ronin Flex 2-piece softball bat is truly a stunning offering. Created to deliver ultimate speed and distance, this bat will have you slugging them out of the park in no time.

Thermo composite build

The composite build of this bat ensures that your batting performance is the best it can be, whilst delivering the fastest batting speed possible. If you’re used to an aluminum bat, then the composite build has a few surprises in store for you.

Two-piece barrel

The 2-piece barrel design of this bat ensures that your contact is smooth and powerful, whilst reducing the amount of sting you feel as you make contact. If you struggle with pain while you’re hitting, this bat will help to eliminate that so you can play without worry.

End-loaded design

The weight of this bat is distributed towards the end, so your swing is stronger and your power is greater when you make contact with the ball. While this may take some getting used to if you’ve never used an end-loaded bat before, once you have it under control you’ll be hitting like you never have before.

Overall, the Easton Ronin Flex 2-piece is a great option for those wishing to increase their batting performance, whilst giving themselves the most comfortable experience. As one of the best slowpitch bats of 2018, the quality and performance is hard to beat.

2. Miken 2018 20th Anniversary Freak Balanced ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Best Slowpitch Softball BatsMiken are famous for producing super high quality slowpitch bats, and the Freak is certainly one of their most famous offerings. The 20th anniversary 2018 edition takes everything you love about Miken bats and packages it with their most innovative technology yet.

Tetra-core design

The seamless layered interior inside the Freak is created using Miken’s tetra-core technology, which ensures consistency with every hit. The bat itself is made from 100% aerospace-grade carbon fibers so it’s easy to swing with the power that you’re looking for.

Large sweet spot

Miken are focused on creating bats that really make your hits soar, and to achieve this, you’ll find that the sweet spot is way larger than on other bats. This means that you have extra freedom in how you make contact with great results every time.

Balanced design

The even weight distribution of this bat ensures consistency with your swings, so that you can generate the speed you need to slug it out of the park. Your handling of the bat is improved by Miken’s Sensi-Flex handle that enables complete control.

If you’re a fan of Miken, then you will find that the 20th anniversary Freak bat is exactly what you’d expect from the brand. With the super hot feel right out of the box, the Freak allows you to enjoy the game the way you want to with minimal breaking in time.

3. Louisville Slugger 2018 Super Z-1000 Powerload Softball Bat

Best Slowpitch Softball BatsThere’s no softball bat more iconic than the Louisville Slugger, and the 2018 Super Z-1000 model is definitely a worthy offering. With its eye-catching hot pink design and maximum usability, this bat is everything you could hope for straight out of the box.

Quicker break-in design

If you don’t want to wait a whole season for your bat to be broken in, you’ll be happy to hear that the Louisville Slugger 2018 model performs well straight away. This is thanks to the new LS-2X technology that Louisville have created, which means that the composite barrel requires less hits to reach top performance.

Superior energy transfer

Louisville have applied their IST XSTIFF technology to this bat, which ensures that you have increased energy transfer when you make contact. Flex is also reduced which means none of your swing is wasted.

Powerload design

If you prefer end loaded bats but the usual range just isn’t cutting it for you, then the powerload feature is your solution. With an additional half ounce of weight at the end of the bat, your swing speed will be vastly increased whilst allowing you to retain full control.

The Louisville Slugger 2018 Super Z-1000 is the perfect bat for power hitters, and will enable you to reach the speeds and distances that you’re aiming for. Built for speed and comfort, there’s nothing here that will disappoint.

4. Worth 2018 EST Hybrid XL Slowpitch Softball Bat

Best Slowpitch Softball BatsWorth are another well-known and trusted softball brand, and the EST Hybrid provides the comfort you need with the power you crave.

Hybrid technology

Worth have designed this bat to have an alloy handle which improves durability during your swing and comfort on contact, and the CF100 carbon fiber barrel allows for a faster swing thanks to the reduced weight.

Extended sweet spot

The True 1 Technology that Worth is known for is applied to this bat. This means that the sweet spot is wider than it is for other bats, giving you the versatility to swing the way you want to with great results each time.

USSSA, NSA and ISA approved

It’s important to note that this bat is approved for play in USSSA, NSA and ISA only. If you are looking for an ASA approved slowpitch softball bat, then this may not be the right bat for you.

While not approved for all types of play, the EST Hybrid is certainly a worthy offering for many games. With the focus on performance and durability, this bat will last you many seasons to come.

5. DeMarini 2018 Twisted Mistress USSSA Slowpitch Bat

Best Slowpitch Softball BatsThe name of this bat may have caught your attention, and it’s a good thing too because this bat is a superb piece of hardware. This 2-piece bat is super hot right out of the box and will deliver excellent performance no matter your hitting style.

Alloy handle

The hybrid design of this bat combines the advanced performance barrel with an alloy handle that provides extreme control and stiffness on contact. This enables you to deliver more force through your swing so you can hit the ball further.

Two-piece end-loaded design

This bat features a full ounce end-loaded design. This makes your swing even stronger and will enable you to start your career as a power hitter quickly and easily.

Huge sweet spot and rapid break-in

Why waste a season breaking in your new bat? The Twisted Mistress uses Max Compression technology which allows you to break the bat in quickly, whilst retaining a huge sweet spot so that you have more flexibility with your swing.

The DeMarini 2018 Twisted Mistress is a sassy, eye-catching bat that performs with just as much attitude. The hybrid, half-and-half composition is designed for maximum performance no matter your skill level.

If you’re a ball player, then choosing the right bat can help you to improve your batting. We hope that this guide has inspired you and will help you choose the best slowpitch softball bat for your style.

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4 Best Baseball Cleats and Buying Guide Thu, 25 Oct 2018 19:52:29 +0000 If you are reading this, then you know just how exciting and thrilling playing baseball can be. How your heart beats fast as the ball leaves the pitcher’s hands and heads straight for the batter. The rush you feel when the ball goes flying in the air as the basemen and outfielders start running towards […]

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If you are reading this, then you know just how exciting and thrilling playing baseball can be. How your heart beats fast as the ball leaves the pitcher’s hands and heads straight for the batter. The rush you feel when the ball goes flying in the air as the basemen and outfielders start running towards it. It doesn’t get any better than that. To get an even better experience, wearing the best baseball cleats will just improve that experience.

Just like all other sports, baseball has its own specific attire that makes the game unique. In baseball we have helmets, gloves, bats, shoes and other relevant sportswear.

Let’s Talk About Shoes

Like most sports, baseball shoes need to have adequate traction for the best performance. In baseball the quest for great traction has been taken to the next level. Rather than the traditional rubber soles with a few treads, baseball shoes have cleats. These are protrusions attached to the sole that serve to give more traction. This is why baseball shoes are popularly referred to as cleats.

Best Baseball Cleats

There are usually different types of cleats. They can be plastic, rubber and even metal. The arrangement also differs across different shoe manufacturers. Determining the perfect baseball cleats for you can be kind of hard, so we thought we would help you decide which cleats are right for you.

The table below shows a quick overview of the best baseball cleats we have reviewed here.

ImageCleatsMaterialStyleWhere to Buy
Mizuno 9-SpikeRubberMid-Top
New Balance Men's PM4040V4 MidRubberMid-Top
Mizuno Dominant IC Mid MetalMetalMid-Top
New Balance Youth J4040V4RubberLow-Top

Choosing the Right Baseball Cleats


When it comes to safety, there are many issues surrounding metal cleats. They are actually banned from use in some states due to these issues. Younger players are not allowed to use metal cleats as stated by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA).

Metal spikes are usually thin and allow for more penetration into any surface giving better traction and stability. However, only professionals are advised to use them since for newbies they can cause injuries.

If you are a new player or are buying cleats for your kids, your options are limited to plastic or rubber.

Size and Performance

Something to take into account is the size of the cleats. Making sure they are the right fit for you is very important. Choosing cleats that are too big will cause a lot of trouble when making swift reactions in the game. Big shoes also feel heavier and this slows you down. You wouldn’t want to be slow during the game since opponents will run circles around you.

Small shoes will be uncomfortable and lead to less concentration. Baseball requires you to be quick and alert at all times. If you keep thinking about how much your feet are hurting, you won’t be at your best.

Once you get the right size, you should test how they feel when making certain movements. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the cleats before you buy them.

Ankle Support

For this category there are three options to choose from; high tops, mid tops and low tops. For high tops they extend upwards up to your ankle. They offer protection from injuries when making swift sideways movements.

Low tops on the other hand do not extend at all. Since the ankle is not restricted, the player can make quick lateral movements. Low tops allow for easier movement and therefore better reaction in the game but there is the impending danger of pushing your ankles over the limit.

Before buying cleats, you should consider whether you would rather sacrifice safety for performance or the other way around.

Unique features

Some baseball cleats have replaceable cleats. This type allows you to switch out cleats according to what you prefer. This could be convenient if you are moving around different states and playing in different surfaces.

You can switch to metal cleats for better stability and traction or back to plastic for agility. For a little more money, you could enjoy this flexibility.

Once you know what you want it is important to know the right fit for you. You wouldn’t want to buy perfect fitting shoes just to find out that they don’t bring out the best in you. Here’s how to avoid such a situation.

How to Size Baseball Cleats

You should first try them on to see how they feel around your feet. Try different sizes until you find one that is too tight for you. From there you can move up bit by bit and select the best fit.

The type of socks you wear should also be considered when buying cleats. Some socks are thick and when you try on your new cleats with normal socks, you will get the wrong impression. The shoes may be too tight and leave your feet hurting after each game.

If you cannot decide between two sizes, it is better to pick the smaller shoe, since you get a tighter grip. Extra space within your shoe will lead to a lot of lag in your movement.

Before you decide on what to buy, thoroughly test the cleats. Walk around in them to get the feel. Try out some quick movements to see how they hold up. Also try some lateral movements to see how they perform.

Once you are satisfied with all these you can now go home with your new cleats and crush your friends at baseball.

What is a Good Way to Clean Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats accumulate a lot of mud and dirt as you play. The more the dirt accumulates around the spikes, the less traction you get and this decreases your performance. Cleaning your cleats is therefore an important task.

When cleaning your baseball cleats, you should have a hard-sharp object. Not too sharp, it should be thin enough to get between the spikes and remove all the dirt and mud caught in between.

Sometimes the mud may be hard so if your object is not hard enough, you should apply some water to soften up the mud and make the process easier. You could get the loose particles to come off by hitting the soles against each other before starting.

The top part of your cleats also need cleaning. Once you know what material it is made of you can easily go about cleaning it. Using the appropriate cleaning agent, scrub the shoe till you can see your reflection.

Dirt accumulates really fast and your cleat may require cleaning after each game. Every once in a while, you should give the whole shoe a good scrubbing. Get inside the shoe and make sure you remove all the dirt. You will find yourself enjoying the game more if you have clean shoes.

If you are looking to buy some baseball cleats, here are a couple of options for you to choose from.

Top 4 of The Best Baseball Cleats

Mizuno 9-spike

Best Baseball Cleats
This mid-top shoe is perfect for all baseball players. From beginners to professionals. With its 9 spikes it gives the player maximum traction across any surface.

It serves as both an indoor and outdoor shoe. The mid-top feature adds some padding around the ankle at the same time allowing you to make quick movements while on the field.

The outside is made of synthetic leather giving it that beautiful modern appearance. It is also really flexible maximizing ease of movement. They come in a variety of colors so you can choose what you like.

The cleats are strong and durable. They enhance your stability as you play and since they have rubber cleats, they are kid friendly.

New Balance Men’s PM4040V4 Mid

The New Balance PM4040v4 is another great baseball show. It has molded cleats with 14 spikes. These spikes are arranged such that they get the best traction. 11 spikes are at the front of the shoe leaving only three for the heel.

They do well in all surfaces and can be used by people of all ages as long as you get your shoe size. They come in different colors allowing you to match your team uniform. Toe overlay protects you from injuries and the one-piece mid-sole increase flexibility and performance of the shoe.

It is a mid-top, so it protects your ankles but does not hinder your movements. Provides excellent stability as you make those quick runs. It has synthetic leather for durability. The leather is perforated to increase breathability of the shoe.

Mizuno Dominant IC Mid Metal

Mizuno Dominant IC shoe also has 9 spikes. They are made of metal for better stability as you run and perfect traction for the quick stops. The metal spikes are more durable than molded cleats making them ideal for professional players in the various rough surfaces.

The mid-top feature makes it safe when making sudden lateral movements but it has a slight depression at the sides to offer some more freedom for the ankle. It is surrounded by synthetic leather for added durability.

From the middle of the shoe towards the back, it has beautifully designed meshed patches for breathability. It has a one-piece mid-sole for shock absorption and thick toe overlay to protect your feet. It is available in different color variations.

The in-sole provide sufficient grip to ensure no power loss due to sliding.

New Balance Youth J4040V4

They have molded cleats which are perfect for youngsters and beginners. They are low-tops giving you enough room to move around. You can make use of your quick ankle movements to outsmart your opponents.

Like all good baseball cleats, it has a one-piece mid-sole to disperse shock preventing damage to the shoe or you. Sufficient toe overlay also protects your toes from sudden shock. The shoe mostly features abrasion resistant material, so this enhances the durability of the shoe.

These shoes are designed to be used by younger players, and are currently available in sizes as small as 2. The different colors available are also an added advantage. The internal cushioning makes sure you get a tight fit around your feet for stability and agility.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. With this information you should now be able to decide which baseball cleats are best for you or your kids. You will no longer buy faulty or substandard cleats since you know what to look for. You also know how to maintain your cleats to make sure you get the most out of them. All that’s left is to get to the game and show off your baseball skills.

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Best Youth Baseball Glove Under $100 Sat, 18 Aug 2018 19:17:14 +0000 Making sure your child has a baseball glove that is perfectly suited for them can sometimes be challenging. The size, type, brand and many other things all need to be considered. It also goes without saying that the better the glove and equipment, the more your son or daughter will enjoy playing America’s pastime. So, […]

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Making sure your child has a baseball glove that is perfectly suited for them can sometimes be challenging. The size, type, brand and many other things all need to be considered. It also goes without saying that the better the glove and equipment, the more your son or daughter will enjoy playing America’s pastime.

So, what exactly makes a glove the best youth baseball glove? Hopefully that question will be answered here, including how to measure for the right size and the differences between each baseball glove.

Best Youth Baseball Glove

Check out the table below for a quick overview or read on for more information on choosing a baseball glove:

ImageGloveWhere to Buy
Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series
Mizuno Prospect Youth Ball Glove
Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Series Baseball Glove
Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series Glove
Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web/Shok-Sorb Combo Series Fielding Glove
Easton Z-Flex 10" Youth Baseball Glove
Louisville Slugger Dynasty Series

Choosing a Baseball Glove

Youth baseball gloves are designed with hand-eye coordination in mind, as well as the physical skills of your child. So when finding a glove that your child can use to show off these skills, it’s important to make sure their glove fits perfectly, provides comfort and plenty of protection.

Of course, it’s not just the comfort, size and protection that is important. You will want to choose a glove that is for the position you are playing in. We’ll go into more detail about the best youth baseball glove for different positions below. But first we’ll go over some steps to help you with choosing a baseball glove.


Durability is an important factor when choosing a baseball glove, so ensuring it is 100% genuine leather is something to look out for. Leather gloves are much easier to break in than gloves that are made from fabric and synthetic materials. So the more the glove is used, the more comfortable it will feel. Every glove listed here has been thoroughly researched to ensure they are made from 100% genuine leather. This has been done to make the buying process as easy as possible for you.


Buying the right size of glove is also important. If you buy a glove that is too big, it will most likely have a negative impact on your child’s performance. So how do you measure your child’s hand for a baseball glove? It’s quite easy really! Using a flexible measuring tape, measure from the tip of the index finger to the wrist, while their hand is extended out in a “stop” gesture. Also make sure their fingers are fully extended and pointing vertically. The measurement you get should be in inches.

It’s always a good idea to try on the glove to make sure it fits. There should be a space of two inches between the end of the glove and the tip of the index finger.

To get a better idea of the different glove sizes for different age groups, check out the table below:

Best Youth Baseball Glove

Types of Baseball Gloves

The position you are playing determines the type of glove you will need. By position, the types of glove are:

  • Pitchers glove
  • Catchers mitt
  • First Basemen’s glove
  • Infielders glove
  • Outfielders glove

Pitchers Glove

Pitchers usually use a closed web glove. This makes it easier to hide the ball and the grip from the batter. The size of the glove and the depth of the pocket can vary and the comfort of the glove usually depends on the player.

Catcher’s Mitt

The catcher’s mitt is designed to protect when catching balls that are thrown at high speeds, so therefore they must be padded and larger than other gloves. These gloves are also fingerless, which is why they are called mitts and not gloves. Catcher’s mitts are measured by circumference. Youth mitts usually range from 31” or less. Like the pitcher’s glove, it also has a closed web.

First Basemen’s Glove

The first basemen’s glove is larger than infield gloves and is also fingerless. The length of the glove helps the player give a better reach for catching balls. They also have an open web and shallow pocket so the ball can quickly be retrieved. First basemen gloves for a youth usually range between 9” and 10”.

Infielder’s Glove

Infielder’s gloves are usually smaller, lighter and the pocket’s are shallower. After they’ve been broken in, they become even more shallow. The small size of these gloves helps the infielder to move the baseball to their throwing hand much faster. Infielder’s gloves also have large gaps in the webbing which allows dirt to pass through easier.

Outfielder’s Glove

Outfielder’s gloves are the longest glove out of the other types used in baseball. The outfielder must be able to catch fly balls, so this long glove increases their range. Outfielder gloves also have a deep pocket which helps to avoid fly balls from falling out of the glove.

How To Break in a Baseball Glove

If you ask any baseball player which method they use to break in their glove, the chances are that every player will say something different. There are a variety of ways to break in a glove, which include some people baking it in the oven. While this may be a faster method, it is not recommended as it can cause a lot of damage to your glove. The aim of breaking in a baseball glove is to soften the leather and improve the shape of the pocket.

Popular Methods For Breaking in a Baseball Glove

There are many ways to soften the leather, including the use of oils or lotions. Vaseline, saddle soap, glove manufacturer’s oil and tanners glove oil can all help with this.

Many players prefer to break in their glove the old-fashioned way, which is by simply playing a game of catch with friends. This is by far the safest option and reduces the risk of any damage to your glove. There’s also the option of a hot glove treatment, which is where you put a special foam on the glove and bake it in the oven for a few minutes. This is a popular method with some players. However, there are players who say this puts your glove at risk of damage and is not recommended.

As a side note, using extra oil or soap to help soften it quicker will likely cause the leather to deteriorate faster. So, use as little as possible when breaking in your glove and it should last much longer.

The following video will give you more information on breaking in a baseball glove.

So now we have gone over how to choose a baseball glove, the types of glove and how to break in a baseball glove, the next thing to do is to go over the top youth baseball gloves currently available.

Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Glove

In no particular order, we’ll begin the list with the Rawlings Players Youth Series.

1, Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

If your little one is just starting out and you’re looking for the perfect first glove, this may just be the one you’re looking for. The style of this 11 inch glove is bright and looks good, while also providing plenty of comfort and protection. The soft and pliable shell, combined with the flexible Basket-Web provides easier closing and control.

The adjustable Velcro strap and neo-flex back allows for a custom fit, with the soft inner lining providing additional comfort. This glove is broken-in at the factory, so it can be used on the field straight away.

2, Mizuno Prospect Youth Ball Glove

This glove is designed to encourage younger players to enjoy the game more and to make it more appealing. This has many features, including a Parashock Palm Pad and PowerClose technology, which is exclusive to Mizuno. The addition of these two things help to guide new, young players into correctly catching in the pocket, while also making catching fun and easy.

Additional features include Heel Flex technology and V-Flex, which helps to make catching easier by increasing flexibility and closure. The PowerLock feature gives a quick and secure fit.

3, Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Series Baseball Glove

Styled after a glove used by Manny Machado, this 11.5″ all-leather glove features a Youth Pro Taper Fit pattern, which provides a smaller hand opening and offers greater control. This glove is perfect for second and third shortstops and basemen due to the Pro V web and the all-leather lacing, which maintains a well formed pocket.

The soft-leather shell is very durable, which helps it keep it’s shape. Additional features include cushioned fingerback lining, as well as index finger and palm padding.

Another game ready glove, which is 90% factory broken-in.

4, Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series Glove

If you’re looking for a light and comfortable glove for a first time young player, this could be the glove you need. The glove is softer, which makes squeezing the glove closed easier. It also features a mesh shell construction.

This glove is available for both left and right handed throwers and comes in great colors. It also comes with a baseball, so you can get practicing as soon as you get it.

5, Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web/Shok-Sorb Combo Series Fielding Glove

This very functional and lightweight glove is perfect for younger tee ball players. It features Shok-Sorb palm padding, which helps to protect the palm and minimize the sting when catching the ball. An additional great feature is the Infinite Web construction, which helps the glove expand to twice it’s depth.

6,  Easton Z-Flex 10″ Youth Baseball Glove

The Easton Z-Flex is made from hog hide pigskin leather, which makes it durable, very flexible and lightweight. The glove features a Z-Flex palm, which allows for easier closing, and a lock down adjustable wrist strap. The combination of the features this lightweight glove offers makes ideal for young players.

7, Louisville Slugger Dynasty Series

The Louisville Slugger Dynasty Series features full grain cowhide leather palm and web, and the dye-through lacing provides durability. This glove is extremely comfortable because of the extra soft palm lining. The Dynasty Series of baseball glove is great value for youth players and softball players.

As you can see, there are many gloves to choose from and choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult. Hopefully you have been guided in the right direction and you now know what you are looking for. All of these gloves have features that will make sure your child will love the game for a very long time. You never know… Your little one could be the next pro player!

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Best Youth Baseball Bats For 2018 – The Top 13 Sat, 18 Nov 2017 17:39:40 +0000 We’re rapidly approaching the new year and with that comes the new baseball season. Each year we get more and more sophisticated in our technologies. The way sports equipment is created is changing and being optimized as time goes on. America’s past-time is no exception whatsoever. So, let’s look at 13 of the best youth […]

The post Best Youth Baseball Bats For 2018 – The Top 13 appeared first on Baseball Chimp.

We’re rapidly approaching the new year and with that comes the new baseball season. Each year we get more and more sophisticated in our technologies. The way sports equipment is created is changing and being optimized as time goes on. America’s past-time is no exception whatsoever.

So, let’s look at 13 of the best youth baseball bats of 2018. Keep in mind, these are our own personal thoughts. No bat is “best” as results can vary from person to person, personal preference, and a host of other various attributes.

Best Youth Baseball Bats

Check out the table below for a quick summary of the best youth baseball bats.

ImageBatDropWhere to Buy
Easton Ghost X-10
Rawlings Raptor-10
Easton Beast X Hybrid -10
Axe Element-8
Easton Beast X-5
Louisville Slugger Genuine Maple Wood -5 to -7
Rawlings Quatro-10
Rawlings VELO-5
Easton S650-9
DeMarini Voodoo-10
Easton Ghost X-5
Axe Origin-8
Louisville Slugger Prime Maple Wood-5

Keep reading for a more in-depth look at these baseball bats.

13. Easton Ghost X -10 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
Coming in at number 13 is the Easton Ghost X – 10 USA Baseball Bat. This gorgeous black and yellow bat is reminiscent of a yellow jacket bee and for good reason. It stings.

But that’s not to say this bat incurs a stinging feeling when it’s being used. Many bats can cause a sting when the actual hit travels through the length of the bat. But this Easton Ghost is actually crafted to avoid such a sting while still providing all the power.

  • Standard 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter
  • Drop 10 length to weight ratio
  • Ultra-thin 29/32-inch EXACT carbon handle
  • Pre-wrapped with 1.4mm HYPERSKIN grip for extra comfort

The 2018 Easton Ghost X – 10 does come in as one of the most expensive bats on the list, otherwise it might come in a little lower in the top 13. Despite this, many reviews of this bat claim it has amazing pop.

The bat is very well constructed and provides a lot of the necessary elements. Coming through with mostly high reviews, this bat can be the envy of your team and fellow players. The bat looks amazing and is probably my favorite looking bat on the list.

12. 2018 Rawlings Raptor -10 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
At 12 we have the much more affordable Rawlings Raptor. What this bat makes up for in it’s lackluster design is its very appealing price point. Despite not having the most beautiful looks, it packs a wallop and can still provide you with the power and speed you need.

  • Drop 10 length to weight ratio
  • Small 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter
  • Perimeter weighted end cap helps to reduce excess weight allowing for a faster swing speed

Because of the noticeable construction of the bat, you can really get a lot of power and speed behind it. The durable aerospace grade alloy delivers consistent performance. The results are solid hitting with the weighted end cap really increasing the bat speed and power.

You won’t have to spend a fortune on results with this solid bat from Rawlings.

11. 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid -10 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
Here’s another Easton favorite, the Beast X Hybrid lives up to its name. As a popular favorite over the years, the Beast rocks a mean looking yellow and black color scheme. With an advanced thermal alloy construction, it creates an incredibly strong and powerful barrel.

  • Drop 10 length to weight ratio
  • 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter
  • Thin 29/32-inch EXACT carbon handle

The slightly end loaded swing weight makes this model recommended for stronger players with faster swing speeds. This bat really excels in the hands of the power-hitters. Unfortunately, this bat may not live up to the hype of everyone because of this. Also, because of this, they do not produce a 28″ bat and the 29″ is the smallest they produce. This bat is amazing, but it will mostly be apparent with the faster and stronger hitters on your team.

10. 2018 Axe Element -8 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
The Axe Element is one of the newer favorites on the field. It comes in a vibrant green and black color scheme that is sure to catch the eye of onlookers. This one piece mantic alloy baseball bat is an amazing addition to this list and features a stellar amount of reviews from users.

  • Drop 8 length to weight ratio
  • Standard 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter
  • HyperWhip composite end cap helps reduce unnecessary weight towards the end of the barrel
  • Shock-absorbing Endogrid technology is built into the handle

One of the more noticeable aspects of the bat is the engineered hitting zone that extends the barrel length and strength to a 270-degree contact area. This truly allows you the luxury of never needing to rotate your barrel for durability.

Axe is known for their comfortable and safer results while still yielding strong and powerful swings. This bat is among my favorites from the whole list for good reasons. Amazing pop, reliable grip, comfortable feel. Just solid overall bat.

9. 2018 Easton Beast X -5 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
Coming in at number 9 is the 2018 Easton Beast X -5. There’s a reason you can find two versions of the beast on this list. It’s just an awesome bat. It’s very popular in certain leagues and many youths love this bat. Sporting another yellow and black color scheme, this one-piece alloy bat also looks aesthetically appealing. This is another bat that’s recommended for players with more power and strength.

  • Drop 5 length to weight ratio
  • 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter
  • Thin 29/32-inch handle diameter
  • 1.4mm HYPERSKIN Grip Increases Cushioning
  • Has -5 Length To Weight Ratio

This beast of a bat is constructed with advanced thermal alloy to create an incredibly strong and powerful barrel. And with the end loaded swing weight, it offers a massive force behind the ball at contact.

Another popular aspect of the bat is the X-tended barrel design that uses Z-CORE internal core technology for a massive sweet spot. This grants you the luxury of having more room to get that huge hit you’re after.

8. 2018 Louisville Slugger Genuine Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
At number 8 we have the bat with the least expensive price point of them all. That shouldn’t deter you from trying it however, as this bat is a tremendous force to be reckoned with. This wood bat offers massive value for its price and can deliver some absolutely monster swings.

This plain, yet beautiful black and green bat is also made by the Louisville Slugger crew and you know they’re creating quality products.

  • Youth 125 Maple Wood
  • Approximate 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approximate -5 To -7 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Cupped End Ensures A Harder Piece Of Wood During Construction
  • Balanced swing weight for increased swing speed

This sweet and simple maple wood bat contains great value and quality. It is on the heavier side due to the 125 design, but with that comes an exceptional sweet spot. It’s awesome for practice, swing training, games, or even back yard fun.

It’s also cheap enough to buy multiple or replace on almost any budget. With the Louisville Slugger name backing it up, you know you’re getting reliable products. This bat is good all around and will be a team favorite for sure.

7. 2018 Rawlings Quatro -10 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
At lucky number seven, we see the bright blue and yellow Rawlings Quatro. This carbon fiber composite barreled bat provides insane amounts of pop and distant ball flight. It’s easily one of my favorite bats on the list and has some of the highest reviews out of them all. All of this does come with a sizable price tag which is the only reason it doesn’t appear lower on the list.

  • -10 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Four-Piece, Composite Baseball Bat
  • Newly Designed Lightweight End Cap Reduces Swing Weight
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Composition

The Quatro is one of the finest bats on the markets for 2018. Its quatro collar is built in to absorb and eliminate negative vibrations that are bound to occur. And its focused, ultimate flex helps accelerate speed through ball contact and beyond. The vibration dampening technology creates incredibly smooth feels through the entirety of the swing.

The Quatro also contains a massive sweet spot to help you get the distance you want. It’s a magnificent piece of technology and if you can afford this bat, it’s a good investment.

6. 2018 Rawlings VELO -5 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
We have back to back Rawlings bats at numbers 6 and 7. The number 6 spot contains the VELO -5. To me, this is the best looking bat on the entire list with its black, gray, and blue color scheme. It’s a very sleek and savvy looking bat. It’s made of acoustic alloy that delivers one of the loudest pings in the game. People will know when you’re up at bat.

  • -5 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Comp-Lite End Cap for enhanced balance and increased swing speeds
  • High-Performance Straight Wall Barrel for Optimized Exit Speeds
  • Precision Laser pOp 2.0
  • Tackified, Synthetic Bat Grip
  • 100% Aluminum Alloy Composition

This one-piece hybrid baseball bat is not only sleek, it performs like an absolute champ. It’s tackified, synethic bat grip delivers some of the best control grip in the industry. The laser pOp 2.0 allows for increased barrel flex and superior pop.

This is the most popular of all the 2018 youth baseball bats for Rawlings. It looks the best and it performs the best. Great reviews all around and it’s a high performance piece of sports equipment.

5. 2018 Easton S650 -9 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
Starting our top 5 off, we see the 2018 Easton S650 -9. With a medium range price point, this bat has a black, gray, and red color scheme. It looks plain, but powerful. Though it’s not the most extravagant looking bat on the bench, it will absolutely get the job done. Even though its not my favorite, many people prefer this look.

  • -9 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 7050 Aircraft Alloy Construction
  • Spoked End Cap
  • Ultra-Thin 29/32 Inch Tapered Handle
  • Cushioned & Tacky All Sports Grip
  • One-Piece, Aluminum Baseball Bat

Easton delivers a quality line of products this year as we see 5 out of the top 13 are theirs. They just keep pumping out deliverables and the S650 is no exception. Though its one of the more plain looking bats, its performance is notable. It’s 7050 aircraft alloy construction helps to increase swing speed and power.

The Spoked end cap actually improves weight distribution and durability. And the cushioned and tacky all sports grip is very comfortable and reliable. This is a tremendous bat and a great way to start our top 5.

4. 2018 DeMarini Voodoo -10 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
Another one of my favorite looking bats, the DeMarini Voodoo -10 is a fantastic bat. It sports a mean looking white, red, and black color scheme that looks as vicious as it performs. The only bat from the DeMarini line, the Voodoo has a lot to stand up against. But Ray DeMarini does deliver quality products and this bat is a perfect example of that.

  • -10 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 100% Composite Handle
  • 3Fusion End Cap
  • 3Fusion Handle Technology
  • Two-Piece, Hybrid Baseball Bat
  • X14 Alloy Barrel

The Voodoo features a balanced swing weight and its very noticeable upon use. The 3Fusion End Cap also optimizes weight, control, and overall durability of the bat. The x14 Alloy barrel provides precision performance with resilient and reliable strength.

The 3Fusion handle technology reduces the sting of the hit and actually transfers energy back into the barrel, giving you a stronger swing overall. The DeMarini Voodoo is near the top of the price points, but still provides tremendous value. This is one that is absolutely worth considering picking up.

The Top 3 of the Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2018

It was incredibly hard to rate the top 3 bats as there were so many quality products to choose from. I want to stress again, that these can vary from person to person and there is no universal ‘best’ bat that suits each and every one.

These were just my favorites and the bats I felt performed the best from my research. So without further ado, I present my top three youth bats of 2018.

3. 2018 Easton Ghost X -5 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
Alas, we’ve hit the top 3 of the best youth baseball bats of 2018.

At number 3, we see one of the most high end, expensive bats on the list, the Easton Ghost X -5. We did see the -10 version of the Ghost X back at number 13, but this version has been received much better over all. Though this bat has the familiar black and yellow jacket color scheme, it looks just as appealing as the Ghost X -10.

  • -5 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 1.4mm HYPERSKIN Grip Comes Pre-Wrapped
  • EXACT Carbon Composite Material
  • New Dynamic Feel System
  • New Engineering X Advanced Carbon Technology Uses EXACT Composite
  • Re-Designed CONNEXION+ Technology
  • Slightly End Loaded Swing Weight
  • Two-Piece, Fully Composite
  • Ultra-Thin 29/32 Inch EXACT Carbon Handle

As you can see, the -5 has a lengthy list of notable qualities. Though the prices are nearly the same, there are a few key differences between the -5 and the -10.

First and foremost, the -5 is more universally well received. It is also recommended for both contact hitters as well as power hitters. It might just be the size difference, but it just feels more comfortable to most youths. The pop on the -5 is much more apparent as well.

The CONNEXION+ technology actually improves durability and is the standard of excellence for two-piece bats. The EXACT carbon composite material improves the barrel performance and makes the sweet spot larger.

It also has much better vibration reduction because of it. The Ghost X -5 is number three on this list and is a serious contender for the top bat this year.

2. 2018 Axe Origin -8 USA Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
The number 2 bat for 2018 is the Axe Origin -8. This bat looks incredibly stylish, with a sleek and attractive yellow and black color scheme. Back at 10 on the list, we saw the Axe Element. But the Origin is a much more impressive product over all. It looks better and I feel it performs better as well.

The price point is actually lower too. But with all Axe products, they seek to set a new standard with an ergonomic feel and approach.

  • Barrel Diameter: 2 5/8 Inch
  • Length to Weight Ratio: -8
  • Ergonomically Designed Axe Handle
  • End Loaded Swing Weight
  • HyperWhip End Cap
  • LP1 Alloy Barrel
  • One-Piece Alloy

The Axe Origin is one of the top recommended bats for power hitters who are looking to improve their ball flight time. It’s engineered hitting zone helps to enhance performance over a 270 degree contact area. The Axe handle also contains their signature ergonomic look that’s designed for better control, comfort, bat speed, and safety.

It’s actually quite a noticeable difference and it feels a bit better than the standard design.

Each model is made up of the ultra strong LP1 alloy that delivers game after game after game. You also never have to rotate your barrel, so there’s no need to worry about damaging one side of the bat.

The handle also utilizes the shock absorbing Endogrid technology to help eliminate negative feedback in the bottom hand. This means you never have to feel the sting commonly felt with one piece bats. The Axe Origin is a tremendous bat and could just as well be number one on the list.

1. 2018 Louisville Slugger Prime Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats
I had a very difficult time deciding the top spots for this list, especially the number one. But after careful consideration, the top spot of the best youth baseball bats for 2018 goes to the Louisville Slugger Prime Maple Wood bat.

Not only is this bat a fantastic and reliable product, you are granted the confidence of the Louisville Slugger name. It’s also a gorgeous bat with a black and neon yellow finish. On top of looking like a monster of a bat, it is a reputable name with an affordable price. Overall this bat is a phenomenal buy.

  • Approximate -5 Length To Weight Ratio (+/- 2 oz.)
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Prime Maple Wood
  • Neon Yellow Lizard Skin Grip Offers Reduced Vibration
  • Cupped End

This bat is a fantastic, quality, and reliable wood bat that offers exceptional value for its price point. It’s much like the maple wood bat reviewed earlier, but this version is much higher quality. This is like the premium version of it. They actually use the same quality wood as the professional bats and with that comes a notoriety for excellence.

These wood bats are ideal for players looking to make the transition into a heavier bat. It actually feels as light as a metal bat, while delivering the strength and power of a wooden bat. The cupped barrel end creates the best balance while guaranteeing a more solid piece of wood during construction. This allows for more control, quicker swing speeds, and amazing durability.

As far as wood bats go, this is the grand daddy for youth baseball bats.

To Sum Up

All of these bats listed here are great products. What I find perfect for me could be awful for the next player. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I welcome you to use this list as a spot check for some of the best youth baseball bats of 2018. But, I encourage you to explore and try new bats as time goes on, especially with the youth bats.

As they grow, their preferences can change drastically and it’s best to use what they enjoy for now. But keep your eyes open as to what else they might like. As times goes on, we’ll be sure to see improvements with technology, construction and designs of bats.

Hopefully you got some insight as to what bats you might like for next year. Play Ball!

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